Zany Me


Waithera Muchoki

Educationist and Parent

African, Woman, Teacher, Lover of history.

Born in 1976 to my lucky parents. Second born in a family of three quirky siblings. Educated through the 8-4-4 system. I am a testament that the system in itself is not a failure. A graduate of the great University of Nairobi with a reluctant, albeit in hind-sight highly appreciated,  degree in Education. In university, I majored in History ( the academic love of my life), philosophical discourses and reading in the library. I proceeded to fall in love with teaching during my teaching practicum and teaching became a part of who I am.

Professionally: An exceptional teacher with over 10 years experience in renowned institutions such as Starehe Boys’ Centre. Founding Faculty, Administrator, Governor in M-Pesa Foundation Academy. That was then, Now I am forging a new path, I hope to empower young people outside the class through Eneza Africa.

Interested in: Growing leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Fascinated by the wind of innovation and creativity sweeping through our country and continent and eager to be a part of it.

Greatest assets: Good communication skills, optimism, resilience, problem-solving, great in a crisis and an outstanding trainer.

Other things I do: I create: jewelry, soft furnishings. I manage a musical band although I don’t sing or play an instrument. I write for the pleasure of words. I watch a lot of tv, avoid video games as I can be an addict and sing very, very badly in my house and only in my house.

I believe in God, the endurance of hope and in the transformative power of education. Education is a life process. Formal education is intentional, impactful and should by its very essence be interesting. I hope to continue to be an influence. To touch lives and be of positive change. To leave a legacy to my children, one of resilience and filled with good memories.

Personal mantra: Be kind.

On a lighter note

Top guest to a dinner party: Adolf Hitler. In my opinion, you cannot teach leadership and not think Hitler. From obscurity to a World War. He was not a good leader, but he was a great one.

Wishlist: To always be able to teach, Skydiving, code writing, playing piano and visiting a number of historical sites, including Pompeii.